Which Is An Extreme Diet?

Here’s a good quote I ran across on Facebook:

vegetarian quote

Really, which is an extreme diet — vegetarianism or the “normal” diet that kills the average person 20% faster.

  • Herbie Marsden

    memes are great ! the pictures are nice most times and the phrase is catchy. a few of us rolling around the internet appreciate some references substantiating claims. this is such a time. thanking you in advance.

  • Jim

    I hear that “lithium” is in short supply and that when Elon Musk launches his Model 3 electric car (500,000 per year) that there won’t be enough lithium to supply all those electric car batteries. Is that true? Why is no one writing on this topic? Is there a shortage of lithium? Will the price of lithium spike (defeating the cost advantage of driving electric over ICE vehicles)?

  • Cory Pride

    I’m gonna pass up on ‘passed up’ , ’cause the ‘up’ shouldn’t be there. That phrase means ‘decided not to do something’. Cheers.