How To Live Happier & Work Better (TED Talk)

The following is an excellent TED Talk that I think everyone should watch. The best parts, imho, are the practical pieces of advice crammed in at the end. But the whole thing is great.

The advice is age-old advice, timeless advice that sages and saints have passed on to us for about as long as we have any recordings from humans. It has been given in many forms. Here, a bit of scientific research backs it up. I like the science touch, and think it could influence a subset of people who aren’t drawn to the teachings of sages and saints.

So, cutting the rambling, just watch this video:

  • Ivor O’Connor

    Very good TED talk. I’m putting it in my calendar to watch him once a week and to find three positives each day on a daily basis. Thank you for pointing him out.

    • Zachary Shahan


      We’ve been doing it… actually been doing 3 things we’re grateful for & 1 thing that happened that day that we were happy about. Of course, sometimes it spills over into more. It’s fun and feels good. Loving it.

  • Michael Mazurewicz

    This is absolutely brilliant. Finally somebody who discusses this matter in depth :) Thank you so much Zach. Btw I admire your work Zach, you truly inspired me. If I understand, you live in Wroclaw? (found you through ur latest article on treehugger). I currently live in Warsaw. I love it here.