passport size 2Building off of a brilliant idea from Derek Sivers, I’ve set up this “/now page.” It enables a quick response as to why I really can’t take on any new projects — even if they are über cool — and why I’m often way late responding to emails or messages.

Vaguely in order of time spent on these worldly matters, here’s what I’m busy with and why I’m busy 24/7 (really):

  1. Spending time with my daughters (born in July 2014 and September 2016) and wife (born a little while before that, but I won’t say when 😀 ), all of whom are frequently trying to pull me away from items 2–7 on this list.
  2. Editing ~10 articles per day on CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, Solar Love, and occasionally other sites.
  3. Engaging in discussions in the comments under articles on the sites listed above.
  4. Going through ~400–500 articles, press releases, or forum threads per day to choose ~10–20 for writers to cover on the sites above (if you send me a press release and I don’t respond, I don’t need you to send it again or follow up — thanks).
  5. Managing communications and backroom matters for the sites above and Important Media as a whole.
  6. Trying to catch up (I never can) on all of my social media accounts — Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube. (I’m often weeks or months behind on all of these.)
  7. Writing original stories or editing/producing/publishing videos from cleantech trips & interviews (items which have often been on my to-do list for many months or years when I finally get to them).
  8. Not exercising & not sleeping enough. (Not recommended.)

I’m essentially always behind on items #6 and am typically behind on items #5 over 80% of the time.

(There’s also often a decent chance I’m attending and perhaps presenting at an international conference on one of the world’s non-frozen continents.)