4 Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague (Czech Republic)

Lekha Hlava (Clear Head)

We ate at this restaurant twice. There were so many options on the menu, the biggest problem for us was knowing what to try (which resulted in us eating too much here, the first time, as well). Another important thing to be aware of is that this restaurant seems to be very popular and you should make a reservation. It can be quite hard to get a table if you don’t.

Food: As I said, there are a ton of options. So, no matter what your preference, you should be able to find something. We had some cheesy dished the first night and they were a little too cheesy for us,.. but still quite good. We also had a red pepper spread (with bread) that was quite delicious. The second night, we had two of their salads, which were absolutely delicious (highly recommended), and a good, energizing green juice.

Atmosphere/setting: The restaurant is quite pretty and unique. It had coconut shells for lamp shades and other interesting decor. The restaurant was full of people both nights, but had a pleasant, cozy atmosphere, not a crowded one.

Service:Β The servers were very friendly and helped us to get a sit despite not having a reservation (either night).

Image via Lekha Hlava

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  • http://vegtravels.wordpress.com/ Meena

    Thanks for this post! We are off to Prague in a couple of weeks, I’ve been there a couple of times before but only been to Loving Hut (there are 3 branches in the city) and I really recommend them!

    I look forward to trying the ones you visited! x

    • http://importantmedia.org/members/zshahan/ Zachary Shahan

      Cool πŸ˜€ We really wanted to go to a Loving Hut, but were out of our range or closed.

      Do you live in the States or Europe (or elsewhere)? Unusual for an American to visit Prague 3 times.. πŸ˜€

      • http://vegtravels.wordpress.com/ Meena

        I’m in England, near London :) so Prague is a short flight away, very easy to get to. It’s really popular for UK travellers.

        Loving Hut is seriously amazing! I have been to 3 now and can’t rate the food highly enough.

        • http://www.cleantechnica.com zach

          Cool. yeah, it’s popular here as well (just 5 hours away by bus/coach). nice city πŸ˜€

          now i’m quite disappointed we didn’t get to check out Loving Hut πŸ˜€ will have to get back there again and do so πŸ˜€

  • http://www.megabeth.net Megabeth

    Great article. Bookmarked for our next trip to Prague.

    We hit up Country Life after a long day of travel a few years ago. The “buffet” style was awesome as we didn’t quite have a grasp of the language yet. The food was fresh and flavorful and they had a lot to pick from. It was casual and the people watching was great as we struggled to keep our eyes open to an hour that was decent for us to go to bed…we walked away with full stomachs.

    • http://importantmedia.org/members/zshahan/ Zachary Shahan

      Thanks for chimin’ in!

      We bought a bunch of stuff from the Country Life shop on Melantrichova (or something like that) in the center. Good stuff πŸ˜€

      We checked out the restaurant, but our stomachs were stuffed at that point, so didn’t touch anything πŸ˜€

  • http://Web Name (required)Gilly Wadmore

    A useful article, but your restricted time in the city did not allow you to try four other vegetarian restaurants. Country Life, with an excellent health food store attached [closed Saturdays] near the Old Town Square, Maitrea-the sister restaurant to Clearhead-behind the Tyn church –and our huge favourite, Maly Buddha-at the top of Uvoz, near the Castle complex.Behind Bila Labut, you will find tasty Govinda too.
    Lots of other good restaurants serve tasty veggie food, such as Artisan in the Ujezd area-near the base of the Funicular and the pad Thai at Modry Zub–two city branches , and very reasonably priced. Enjoy!

  • http://www.veggienextdoor.com Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    I went to Prague a couple years ago and was also pleasantly surprised with how many vegetarian restaurants they have. I loved Lehka Hlava. Two other vegetarian restaurants I enjoyed were Radost FX (which is also a lounge & night club) and Country Life Cafe.