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  • AdiK

    Hi Zach,

    The “Contact me anytime” link doesn’t work. Can you please e-mail me so we can correspond? Thanks!


  • Frank Kai Tu

    Hi Zach,

    The “Contact me anytime” link doesn’t work. Can you please e-mail me jiahao1025*at* so we can correspond? Thanks!


  • kimberlie22

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  • Canadian Wood

    Hello Zach,
    have you done any work on PV prices in Canada?

    • Zachary Shahan

      I haven’t. Sorry.

  • Rebecca Davis

    Would you have any interest in being the featured guest of a FL green tech. radio show?

    • Zachary Shahan

      Certainly. Emailing you right now.

  • Lauryll

    Have you seen Mr. Kamooneh’s article on InsideEVs? He cites your article at Cleantechnica as one of the two examples of bad journalism coming from the EV community. I did read his article and then yours. Do read the comments and his responses–he is nothing like you and police say. It’s hard to see how someone like that could be going around disrupting school children. It just doesn’t make sense. Did you not think that the police statements need to be backed up before you reported them as fact?

    Here is the link:

    • Zachary Shahan

      Thanks for the note. 1- i’m a bit shocked that the police/school would say that he had previously been told to stay off of the school property if that wasn’t the case. that doesn’t make sense. 2- i wrote my piece for the many EV drivers who read our site, trying to offer good lessons for behavior and consideration that would keep them out of unnecessary trouble. that was the intent of my 3 points in that piece. obviously, everyone realizes that being jailed for 4 cents of electricity is completely absurd. that’s why i didn’t cover the story in the first place — it had already been everywhere for that obvious, sensational absurdity.

      Again, thanks for the note. Checking out the comments now.

  • stgore

    Dear Zachary,

    I am very concerned about recent activities at CleanTechnica regarding the sites direction allowing unmitigated hit pieces against small wind companies being written by a particular author of late. I don’t see this as being a productive or sustainable direction for CT to take in this regard referring to articles such as .

  • yoda67

    Zach, I just saw your talk in the Ukraine and I was struck by the fact that you were unaware that Nikola Tesla was from that region, actually Serbia/Croatia, but very close.

    • Zachary Shahan

      My understanding was that they were saying he was from Ukraine (or had lived there), which didn’t ring a bell.

      Hoping to get down to his actual birthplace.

  • yoda67

    Tesla was a rival of Edison, but Tesla was much more knowledgeable than Edison and apparently not concerned with money or fame.

  • dan

    Hey Zachary,

    I have been reading your site off and on since 2008 and have appreciated your thoughtful scientific presentation of facts surrounding clean technology. I recently saw a video of a guy named Randy Powell giving a Ted talk about zero point energy. I have heard of torus, free energy, also known as quantum energy before but I’ve never heard any one explain it like him. What he was saying was incredible. Please research randy Powells work and talk about it. There are a lot of people talking about zero point energy online who confuse it with spiritual interpretations. Randy Powell sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He wants to release his work and blueprints for working quantum energy devises to the public domain. If you just watch the Ted talk with randy Powell you’ll understand why I’m so excited.


    • Zachary Shahan

      Thanks. Saving this to do that.

  • chris brauchli

    Hi Zachary, We are building disaster safe homes for the islands of the South Pacific from our base in New Zealand. A great need is solar power as they burn diesel to make electricity. I have no experience in this field and wondered if you could suggest a chinese source for the components required? Any other wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Zachary Shahan

      I’d say Yingli Green Energy or Trina Solar.

  • sergbloomkin

    I am inventor of h2 breakthrough technology.making crowdfund project to support h2 key inventions.will U help spread word ? pls reply

  • Jared

    Hi Zach,

    I’m working on a graduate school project about solar demographics and customer barriers. I was wondering if I can email you a few questions that your insight would greatly help with.

  • Kevin D

    Hi Zach, I read your article on Top 10 of the Best Rated Solar Energy Companies. I don’t see NRG Energy on the list, where would they fall? I am looking for a company for residential solar energy in the North East US. Can you provide a reccomendation?

    • Zachary Shahan

      Hmm, I don’t recall that article, but I think NRG Energy is quite high on the list now. Not really sure, though.

  • Tint Man

    Hello Zach, Great information. We are interested in knowing more about your services to write some white pages for our window film products (Solar Control Window Film / Car Tint).

  • Glen Alexander

    Zachary: This is a request for the free use of a
    graphic image. I work at a research an education facility
    . We have a large solar panel on our barn and we are
    developing a sign to educate visitors and encourage them to do something
    similar on their house. We are looking for an image that shows PV panels on the
    roof collecting solar energy, providing electricity to appliances in the house,
    and providing excess power to the grid. Do you know where I can get something
    like that?

  • Maloo

    Hello Zachary, i am currently researching EV’s for my daughter and have quite a few questions about real world use and i am wondering if you can point me to an appropriate site/discussion board where i can ask questions and discuss ideas. thank you for your time.

  • Brett


    If Cleantechnica is an open place to learn and discuss, why are dissenting posts deleted? Why are a few posters like Bob Wallace and James allowed to harass everyone who disagrees with them? Do you understand how much damage to the credibility it is when alternative views are deleted or personally attacked? Kind of sad. Makes the site look like more of an agenda platform than information for the masses.

    • Hank1946

      It would be most likely that the facts don’t hold water! Or come from a source that is not regarded as accurate! Also the use of language that is not allowed. Maybe just coming from people known to support oil or coal at all costs usually at the cost of the truth. As for a platform than information for the masses. Usually they are not well informed and make decisions without a complete picture?

  • Hank1946

    I was wondering if you were thinking about doing a article on the cost of replacement batteries? I was looking at a Fiat 500e it is a lemon law resale with full warranty. Because of that I started asking about the replacement cost of the drive battery. First Walter’s Fiat quoted ”

    Dear Henry,

    The battery for the Fiat 500E installed is $37,000 without installation it is $32750. Your better off buying another whole car than replacing the battery.

    Best regards,

    Frank Francis Frank Francis

    Internet Manager

    c. (951) 756 – 9219

    This one was by phone from South Country European $28,000 Parts sales.
    Might be a good thing for people to know which EV’s have the best cost for batteries. Seems like the Fiat is a throw away car! If you want respond to my E-MAIL

  • Kelvin Passfield

    I have been trying to find out if I can use my home Nissan Leaf charger to charge a Mitsubishi MiEv? The sockets in the cars are the same, so it will fit no problem, but I don’t want to damage the system. Can any body advise me on that? Thank you.

  • Timothy Frederick Ashe

    Hi Zachary,

    I am looking for some advice on starting an organization that embodies many of the concepts and practices that you are involved in, and I was hoping that (when you get the time) you could give me some pointers. I am a philosophy/sociology major with a master’s in public administration. I have always been a sounding board for social causes, sustainability, and community re-development, and I am thinking about starting an organization that encompasses all three. I have read and seen small examples of this from across the world, and would like to tap into these best practices and bring them to my region (St. Louis Region). Any insight that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Tim Ashe M.P.A.

  • Phil

    I read your CleanTechnica blog on popularizing EVs. Why is literally everyone, including Elon Musk, overlooking the obvious? Make them affordable without the need to fiscally stimulate. Can be done by slimming down the vehicle. The lighter it is, the less batteries it needs and/or the better the range. And you know what? Self-driving tech will be easier to implement too.

  • Martin Boyd

    Am I missing something? I’m trying to determine how much I’ve reduced my carbon footprint by driving an EV.
    1. Energy of 33.7 kWh = Energy of 1 gallon of gas
    2. 4.7 miles per kWh: Long term average mileage that my 2015 Nissan Leaf gets
    3. 86%: Average efficiency of my Level 2 charger in my garage
    4. 1.1 lbs: Amount of CO2 produced by my power company in generating 1 kwh
    5. 20 lbs: General estimated amount of CO2 produced burning 1 gallon of gas (upstream factors ignored)
    6. 24.8 mpg: Average mileage of 2017 model year cars in US

    Given the above assumption:
    From the following equation we can determine that producing an equivalent amount of electrical energy as is in a gallon of gas, 37.07 lbs of CO2 are produced.
    33.7 kwh x 1.1 lbs of CO2 per kwh generated = 37.07 lbs of CO2.

    While this is may on the surface seem bad compared to just driving with an ICE since burning a gallon of gas only producing 20 lbs of CO2, we need to factor in the efficiency of my EV to a car with an ICE.

    My Leaf reports that it’s getting 4.7 miles per kWh, but if we assume the Level 2 charge is only 86% efficient on average, meaning 14% of the energy is lost to heat, then in actually we can say that the EV is really only getting 4.042 miles per kWh
    4.7 miles per kWh x 86% charging efficiency = 4.042 miles per kWh

    So given the above, assuming we drive 100 miles, how much CO2 is produced by my EV vice driving a car with an ICE getting average mileage?

    To drive 100 miles the ICE, getting only 24.8 mpg, would need 4.032 gallons of gas and produce 80.645 lbs of CO2.

    To drive 100 miles my EV, getting 4.042 miles per kWh, would need 24.74 kwh of power which produced 27.21 lbs of CO2 when being generated.

    This means that, by driving my EV instead of driving an average mileage car with that ICE, assuming I draw all of the power for my EV from my power company, I would reduce my carbon footprint to 33.7% of what it would have been.

  • hedley Piper

    1, I live in the U.K. countryside. 2. Most journeys we make are either 40 miles each way or 300+ each way. 3, Highway speeds in U.K. are up to 90+ m.p.h. (despite the law) or nearly nothing due to volume of HGVs. 4.Fuel stops are a bore, my tank gets me over 700 miles (5 cylinder Audi diesel). I tow a trailer from time to time up quite steep hills. Despite my enthusiasm for E.V.s why would I buy one until they can fulfil what which I require them to do day in and day out? No talk about towing anywhere.

  • David M. Calleo

    10,500 miles total would require at least 35 full charges at 300 miles per charge. There is no way you paid $70 in Poland for this many miles. Please re calculate and take down post. ( 13 cents per kWh average in Poland )

  • Frank Silva

    I would guess that the FFF (Friends of Fossil Fuels) are using money and influence to driving the SEC and the DOJ / FBI actions against both Tesla and Elon. Imagine if all CEO’s of public companies had their comment held to the same degree of scrutiny.

    They don’t because if they did the SEC and DOJ / FBI would do nothing more than investigate CEO’s… It’s so obvious that short money and fossil fuels are trying to use the media to force an outcome but to use the SEC and the DOJ / FBI is unethical and in a just world there would be blow back.

    Why does this only work one way? Can’t the perpetrators of false information be held to account. Their public statements are just as damaging to the long positions as Elon’s possible missteps have been to the shorts. Investing in stock (long or short) is a risky business. Everyone who does should know this. The Sgovernment should also be held to account

    It is shameful that the SEC and DOJ / FBI are participating in this nonsense. As far as I can tell it looks like the FFF and the shorts will be on the losing end of this story in the long run so they are resorting to fighting dirty. What a bunch of sore losers.

  • Christopher Tebo

    Zachary, first of all enjoy your articles. Just read the one about Accord and Civic sales dropping and possible influence of model 3.

    Very interesting article but I propose a much more mundane explanation. Car sales are dipping overall due to crossover and SUV sales. Ford itself is dropping a lot of car lines. VW has had a big dip in car sales too.

    I think you will find crossover and SUV sales up which isn’t just due to fuel prices being extremely low but a mountain change in vehicle preferences. Crossovers come in all sizes from subcompacts to monsters. Ford is releasing a limited run of an updated Excursion which will be North of $120,000. Big, scary and seemingly impractical until a group of 8 adults goes camping or hunting.

    The compact electrics from Kia and Hyundai will be HUGE sellers. The Jaguar SUV will cause Tesla to lower pricing of the Model X in response. Ford will be all electric within 7 years with exception of trucks and the Mustang.

    I have been wanting an all electric vehicle since I could drive. Nothing existed then so my thoughts were to alcohol fuels with grass clippings, etc. being the feedstock (didn’t understand fuel volatility then). I still don’t have one. Why? I live in Texas and travel often. Model S was what I wanted and then my kids got older. Sports, Scouting, etc. A car just won’t go it.

    The Model X is great but my needs push pricing north of $100,000. Just can’t justify a $60,000 premium over a gasser SUV when I can get just shy of 30MPG highway.
    Still waiting for that affordable midsized SUV with a 300+ mile range.

    We are getting tantalizingly close to solid state electrical storage. Samsung is rumored to having a graphene battery pack in the upcoming S10. The co-developer of the Lithium Ion battery is developing a solid state battery with no heavy metals that answers every need in a battery pack ( much cheaper, much more capacity, much faster charging, no memory effect and many more charge cycles). This guy is at U.T. Austin. This will change everything and I predict electric will be cheaper than gasoline fueled vehicles as a result.

  • vivabenfica

    re the quote you used in

    it is extremely disrespectful and insulting to use a quotation that was a product of the
    Nazis murder of Jews, Roma, leftists, etc. to discuss something as banal as car sales. you
    should remove it and apologize.

  • D. Robert

    Good morning Zachary,
    I’m interested in using your services for web site design and PR releases. Please advise how I can contact you on a private basis.

  • Jaco Steyn

    Hi Zach

    I have been a daily Cleantechnica reader for the past 5 years. Like with many of your readers, if not most, I find it fascinating to watch Tesla’s story unfold.

    I have dreamt up two dozen ideas that I believe might help Tesla to reduce costs and improve their products. At this point in time, I think it may be worth putting it out there if it has any potential of helping Tesla through the rough patches in becoming sustainably profitable.

    Since Tesla seems to value your sites and endeavours, this may be the right platform to get these ideas across. If nothing else, my daydreaming may nonetheless make for interesting reading.

    If you are interested, please drop me a mail at and we can discuss it further.


  • Don Frederickson

    Zach, I read your article “Some Environmentalists Are Being Punked Regarding Tesla”
    Loved the content. I was befuddled by the title however. “punked regarding Tesla” has no meaning to the majority of us. I spoke with 5 coworkers. None of them knew what you meant by “Punked Regarding Tesla” . It resulted in a low interest level in reading further. Consider a title that tells a clearer story and you will get more reads.

  • john


    This where we are at.

    The clip ends with Mr. Trump putting a stake into the head of a person with a CNN logo for a face. Mr. Trump then stands on the altar, admiring his rampage, and smiles.

    There is a problem big time in social media when this kind of idiot stuff is posted.
    We are headed to a not good place when people with approval it seems can say such horrible disgusting stuff.

  • Vic Webster

    The sloppiness with which the headers of so many articles are written is astounding. Here Zach has left out the crucial “Y” after “Tesla Model” which makes the headline meaningless.
    Interesting article though.

  • peter904

    Hi Mr. Shahan,


    I have enjoyed many of your columns and check CT daily. I love my ancient Tesla Model S (P038XX) and I thought you might appreciate a related but slightly different spin on your normal focus. I wish to share something that you might find interesting, otherwise just ignore.

    While listening to ABC News on the radio (in my BEV) I heard an interesting story about an eco friendly farming company that operates out of a converted steel mill in Newark, NJ, their website is What fascinated me was the elegant solution to several of our country’s and world’s problems, their efficiency in using water, energy, technology, and building (adopting) closer to markets to reduce transportation and spoilage. IMO, a very elegant solution.

    Overall, I am very impressed at the vision and execution of this company. I thought this might be a subject you or CT might embrace.

    Thank you,
    Peter Orgel

  • Vapesourcing

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  • Susan

    Excellent article on cleantechnica today on this culture of lies!!! You got it exactly right!!! I’m 73 and suffered through the Reagan dismantling of sane economics. Posted your article to facebook–hope everyone who reads it shares also.

  • antony ezdc

    Hi Zachary, I would like to write a press-release for a recyclable lithium battery box technology I’m soon launching on crowdfunding, it’s an easy lithium construction kit which will at first be certified for the least demanding 40% of the lithium equipment, and perhaps eventually Li-ion for motorbikes. It’s also an open-source project so that people worldwide will be able to print batteries in any format for prototyping using EE specific plastics. Here is the tech: email tony.ezdc at gmail. Thanks.

  • Zeemcoin

    Hello Zachary,

    We are an app about electric mobility in Europe, we would like to collaborate with you, where can we contact you?


  • Sariel

    Hello Zachary,

    I hope this message finds you well. I appreciate your time, and I would like to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration. MyVapor is a reputable e-cigarette retailer with both online and offline stores operating in the US, UK, and France. You can visit our websites at:

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