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As one of the world’s leading voices on solar energy, electric vehicles, wind energy, energy efficiency, and bicycle transportation issues, there are a host of reasons to hire me for your company’s communication or research needs. As a leader in new media (website development, social media, SEO, etc), those reasons get enhanced with a gold coating. Literally. (Well, okay, not literally, since that’s actually impossible.)

Here are a few noteworthy testaments to the above claims, in case you aren’t already aware of all this:

  1. I was featured on CNBC for one of CNBC and Harvard Business Review’s “Energy Opportunities” videos.
  2. I was named one of the top 20 fuel economy influencers in a Spring 2013 industry influence study — alongside President Obama, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, the US Secretary of Energy, the CEO of Nissan/Renault, the CEO of GM, and several other car company execs as well as a few leading auto journalists.
  3. I was interviewed for a feature on Mashable for a series on “5 Startups Improving Society Through Technology” (CleanTechnica being one of the five… even though it’s not actually a startup).
  4. CleanTechnica, which I have directed since mid-2010, consistently ranks near or at the top of Technorati’s “Top Green Blogs” and “Top Autos Blogs” rankings [sic].
  5. CleanTechnica is also the most popular cleantech-focused website in the world, based on Quantcast data (note: Quantcast currently puts us at about 400,000 pageviews a month, while our two stats services — Google Analytics and Jetpack Stats — put us around 700,000 pageviews a month).
  6. I was invited to the first ever Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week as “VIP Media” (all expenses paid), which included the 6th Annual World Future Energy Summit, the 4th general assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the 5th International Renewable Energy Conference, the first International Water Summit, the 5th Annual Zayed Future Energy Prize (quite an impressive event), and much more.
  7. I’ve been invited to moderate panels at several cleantech conferences (solar conferences, general cleantech conferences, geothermal conferences, etc).
  8. I’ve been invited to guest lecture for renewable energy graduate programs.
  9. I received my master’s degree in city and regional planning from the #1 university in the nation for my specialization (the year I graduated) — UNC–Chapel Hill. In that program, I was awarded several honors and spent five months conducting a portion of my master’s thesis in the Netherlands.
  10. My articles have been syndicated on Scientific AmericanReuters, and other top sites for years.

Of course, I have much more with which I can back up my gold coating — happy to provide the details on the specific topic on which your company or organization is focused if you wish.

For now, here are the nuts and bolts of what I charge for my services:

Writing Press Releases
$300–$500 each

Press Release Campaign Management

$100–$1000 per post

Highly Variable

White Papers

Website Development
Highly Variable

Social Media Management
Highly Variable

Highly Variable

Contact me anytime (free).

  • AdiK

    Hi Zach,

    The “Contact me anytime” link doesn’t work. Can you please e-mail me so we can correspond? Thanks!


  • Frank Kai Tu

    Hi Zach,

    The “Contact me anytime” link doesn’t work. Can you please e-mail me jiahao1025*at*hotmail.com so we can correspond? Thanks!


  • kimberlie22

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  • Canadian Wood

    Hello Zach,
    have you done any work on PV prices in Canada?

    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan

      I haven’t. Sorry.

  • Rebecca Davis

    Would you have any interest in being the featured guest of a FL green tech. radio show?

    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan

      Certainly. Emailing you right now.

  • Lauryll

    Have you seen Mr. Kamooneh’s article on InsideEVs? He cites your article at Cleantechnica as one of the two examples of bad journalism coming from the EV community. I did read his article and then yours. Do read the comments and his responses–he is nothing like you and police say. It’s hard to see how someone like that could be going around disrupting school children. It just doesn’t make sense. Did you not think that the police statements need to be backed up before you reported them as fact?

    Here is the link: http://insideevs.com/nissan-leaf-owner-arrested-for-electricity-tells-his-side-of-the-story-and-where-we-go-from-here-as-a-community/

    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan

      Thanks for the note. 1- i’m a bit shocked that the police/school would say that he had previously been told to stay off of the school property if that wasn’t the case. that doesn’t make sense. 2- i wrote my piece for the many EV drivers who read our site, trying to offer good lessons for behavior and consideration that would keep them out of unnecessary trouble. that was the intent of my 3 points in that piece. obviously, everyone realizes that being jailed for 4 cents of electricity is completely absurd. that’s why i didn’t cover the story in the first place — it had already been everywhere for that obvious, sensational absurdity.

      Again, thanks for the note. Checking out the comments now.

  • stgore

    Dear Zachary,

    I am very concerned about recent activities at CleanTechnica regarding the sites direction allowing unmitigated hit pieces against small wind companies being written by a particular author of late. I don’t see this as being a productive or sustainable direction for CT to take in this regard referring to articles such as http://cleantechnica.com/2014/03/03/airborne-wind-energy-platypuses-instead-cheetahs/ .

  • yoda67

    Zach, I just saw your talk in the Ukraine and I was struck by the fact that you were unaware that Nikola Tesla was from that region, actually Serbia/Croatia, but very close.

    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan

      My understanding was that they were saying he was from Ukraine (or had lived there), which didn’t ring a bell.

      Hoping to get down to his actual birthplace.

  • yoda67

    Tesla was a rival of Edison, but Tesla was much more knowledgeable than Edison and apparently not concerned with money or fame.

  • dan

    Hey Zachary,

    I have been reading your site off and on since 2008 and have appreciated your thoughtful scientific presentation of facts surrounding clean technology. I recently saw a video of a guy named Randy Powell giving a Ted talk about zero point energy. I have heard of torus, free energy, also known as quantum energy before but I’ve never heard any one explain it like him. What he was saying was incredible. Please research randy Powells work and talk about it. There are a lot of people talking about zero point energy online who confuse it with spiritual interpretations. Randy Powell sounded like he knew what he was talking about. He wants to release his work and blueprints for working quantum energy devises to the public domain. If you just watch the Ted talk with randy Powell you’ll understand why I’m so excited.


    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan

      Thanks. Saving this to do that.

  • chris brauchli

    Hi Zachary, We are building disaster safe homes for the islands of the South Pacific from our base in New Zealand. A great need is solar power as they burn diesel to make electricity. I have no experience in this field and wondered if you could suggest a chinese source for the components required? Any other wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks

    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan

      I’d say Yingli Green Energy or Trina Solar.

  • sergbloomkin

    I am inventor of h2 breakthrough technology.making crowdfund project to support h2 key inventions.will U help spread word ? pls reply sergbloomkin@gmail.com

  • Jared

    Hi Zach,

    I’m working on a graduate school project about solar demographics and customer barriers. I was wondering if I can email you a few questions that your insight would greatly help with.

  • Kevin D

    Hi Zach, I read your article on Top 10 of the Best Rated Solar Energy Companies. I don’t see NRG Energy on the list, where would they fall? I am looking for a company for residential solar energy in the North East US. Can you provide a reccomendation?

    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan

      Hmm, I don’t recall that article, but I think NRG Energy is quite high on the list now. Not really sure, though.

  • Tint Man

    Hello Zach, Great information. We are interested in knowing more about your services to write some white pages for our window film products (Solar Control Window Film / Car Tint).