How To Make Your Life Better

Here’s a great short excerpt of some words of wisdom for all of us (via Life of Light):

Here’s a simple, yet powerful way to immediately make your life more rewarding:

Move away from the things that drain you and move toward those things that empower and fulfill you.

Begin to take notice, as you go through the day, of which is which.

When you take the time to look, it’s easy to distinguish the things that lift you up from the things that bring you down. Consider, for example, resentment, something you’ve probably learned to experience whenever you feel you’ve been wronged. When you think about it, there is really no positive purpose that resentment ever serves.

You can easily choose to let go of resentment, and to put forgiveness in its place. That will immediately raise your own level of positive energy, and the beneficial effects will extend deeply into the world around you.

All it takes is a simple change in your mind and in your attitude. Look for them, and you’ll find many other similar ways to replace the things that drain you with more positive things that move you forward.

Many of the influences that bring you down are things you can easily change, for they are based on your thoughts, attitudes, and reactions. Learn to be aware of them, and choose to set yourself free to soar.

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