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  • Tint Man

    I just found this
    article and would like to thank Mr. Shahan for the info on window film. This
    idea of coating glass started in the 1960’s and was sprayed on like a paint
    product. I started on autos and moved to commercial and residential glass. I
    understood that the film was a spin off from NASA to coat their space projects
    and found out it worked well on glass also. I’ve installed it since it was
    available in 1969 was only a gold toned color. In my 48 years of tinting it
    sure has changed for the better. The company is Solar Sales Inc. in Michigan
    and installs LLumar and Vista films. With the future of film to absorb energy.
    It is vision of the film and glass companies to help the client and environment.

    • http://zacharyshahan.com/ Zachary Shahan