Another Must-Watch TED Talk (Video)

Here’s another must-watch TED Talk. I’m not going to summarize it. Just watch it. Just one addendum on the bottom (under the video) about one point that’s made near the beginning and again the end of the TED Talk.

More recent research has found that 51% or more of human global warming emissions are from livestock production.

  • Amber Archangel

    You eat more plants, you eat less other stuff, you live longer.
    😀 It’s EASY!

    • Zachary Shahan

      Ha, yeah! 😀

    • Ivor O’Connor

      Though I’ve been a vegetarian for long periods of my life, many decades, I don’t agree with this guy much at all. He reminds me of the loons at my favorite market. Interesting but …

  • John Norris

    51%? The presenter claims “almost 1/5th” (less than 20%) at 1:38 in the video.