Children & Nature Network {Green NGO Highlighted}

children ad nature ngo

Continuing on with our Green NGO Highlighted series, here’s another great one I had never heard of before a Facebook friend of mine shared it with me — the Children and Nature Network. I have a feeling you can guess what this one’s about. 😀

C&NN “was created to encourage and support the people and organizations working nationally and internationally to reconnect children with nature.”

And, seriously, that’s a pretty huge and important task. Linking researchers with educators and organizations and normal people, C&NN is helping our country and world out in ways many of us (even greenies like me) sometimes fail to consider or appreciate.

“C&NN also promotes fundamental institutional change,” the organization reports. Check out the latest news, research, or more about C&NN on its site. And don’t forget, if you are into what the organization is doing, it could always use a hand with a financial donation or other support.

I used to work as the executive director of an NGO and I’ll tell you this: most of the people in an NGO are in it because they want to help the world, but a huge amount of its resources have to go into raising money to let them do that. Help one out today (this or another) with a little donation.

With tree hugging scientifically proven to improve our health, interaction with nature being a key to protection of nature, and the importance of protecting the natural environment we rely on just to survive, I’ll give one more big thanks to C&NN for the great work it does.