Cincinnati Zoo Going Solar

The Cincinnati Zoo is taking a big step into the world of solar leadership this year, installing a large solar system that will supply it with 1/5 of its energy needs. Nice move. Here’s more from CalFinder Solar:

The Cincinnati Zoo has been calling itself America’s greenest zoo for a while now. But this year, it’s putting its money where its mouth is by building a 1.56-megawatt solar energy system which will provide about one-fifth of its energy needs.

This, as far as we can tell, makes it not only a very environmentally friendly zoo, but likely the only one in the country driven so fully by solar power. Even the Oakland Zoo, with its 28.44-kilowatt solar system, takes a distant second. And the Houston Zoo, running half a dozen golf carts on solar power, is thrifty but third….

Read the full story here: Cincinnati Zoo Swings into Solar Fame.

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Photo Credit: BoydCarts