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New Report: U.S. States Failing at Reducing Transportation Emissions

The Natural Resources Defense Council and Smart Growth America released a report, “Getting Back on Track: Aligning State Transportation Policy with Climate Change Goals,” analyzing state-level policies to curb carbon emissions in the transportation sector.  With the absence of a comprehensive transportation bill at the federal level, many are looking to action from states, which have federal transport dollars at their disposal.

The report’s findings suggest that states are doing little to leverage policy tools to reduce transport-related carbon emissions. In most cases, states make policy decisions that “will likely increase emissions” due to a lack of alignment between transportation and emission reduction policies….

West Virginia May Ban Coal Slurry Permanently

Lawmakers in West Virginia are tackling a major issue with the coal companies in the state, that has been affecting the resident’s and the environment for years now. It is a nasty by product that is produced from the coal industry and lawmakers are finally taking notice over the problems faced with coal slurry in the the mountain state….

KFC Keeps Destroying Southern Forests to Make Chicken Buckets

As the new Chief Sustainability Officer at Kentucky Fried Chicken, you’d think that Roger McClendon would want to make KFC more, you know, sustainable. And he is trying, sort of….

Nine Members of Congress Rally for Mountaintop Mining Permits

The title to this story should read Nine members of Congress want to destroy what’s left of the West Virginia Mountains.  My state has been last in the Nation in everything since i was a child. Coal is the main reason we rank last in everything. Every single politician listed in this story received campaign funding from Coal companies.  Or have ties to the great Tea Party movement. We all know how intelligent the Tea Party is. We are also familiar with who funds the “Tea Party” (big oil Koch bro’s)….

Big-Box Retailers Move To Smaller Stores In Cities

Retailers have been following the growth of the suburbs for decades, setting up in shopping centers and big-box strip malls far outside the core of major American cities. Department stores that stayed in big-city downtowns have suffered. Others didn’t stay — they closed up altogether.

But a reversal of that trend is becoming apparent. Big-box retailers — companies that built their discount businesses out where land was cheap and space was plentiful — are now moving inward….

Taming the mean streets: A talk with NYC transportation chief Janette Sadik-Khan

Exciting. Controversial. Radical. Glamorous.

Not adjectives that generally leap to mind when you’re discussing a city’s department of transportation.

But since Janette Sadik-Khan was named commissioner of New York City’s DOT back in 2007, she’s been all those things, and so have her policies….

City design: Blue-sky bonanza

From a plant-based city to redesigning transport services while on the move, a host of ideas are being inspired by smart-city thinking….

Ballard shows high potential for creating a strong, high quality biking community

Transportation Planner Adam Parast analyzes Seattle’s bikeability in comparison to Portland….

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