Father’s Day Ecards

It’s another big card-giving holiday. And, for those who want to be a little greener and save some trees (and ink), ecards are the clear way to go. That’s even more so at this time anyway since it IS Father’s Day & you probably don’t have much time to go any other route.

Well, to help you out (if you need it), I’ve got a handful of favorite ecard companies. I think these are my 4 favorites, and why….

  1. someecards: very simply, they are hilarious. Once I start looking at them, it is super hard to stop. They create so many hilarious cards. Above are a couple of Father’s Day samples, but you can visit their Father’s Day ecards page to check out the fully offering.
  2. Blue Mountain: as far as I know, Blue Mountain is a fairly new player in this ecard arena — I just found out about them this Valentine’s Day. But they have quickly grown on me as they offer some of the most beautiful ecards around.
  3. Nature Conservancy: support, or encourage supporting, a great environmental organization (one of the best in the nation, in my opinion) while sharing a beautiful ecard for your pop this Father’s Day. The Nature Conservancy offers some really wonderful cards — highly recommended for any nature-loving dad.
  4. WWF: no, not the wrestling federation (is that still around?), but the leading global environmental organization. They also offer beautiful ecards of nature and animals that your dad might love (if he loves nature and animals). Take a look.

Have any other favorite ecard services? Drop a note in the comments below!

All ecards above, of course, via someecards.