F***ed Up: USDA Lets GMO Companies (e.g. Monsanto) Perform Own Environmental Impact Studies

environmental effect of gm tomatoes checked=

Warning: this one is a downer.

Let me start with a little history:

Well-performed environmental assessments of Monsanto’s GM sugar beets would very obviously put them in bad light and hinder their approval. But the USDA (or somebody with strong influence on it) has come up with a good solution — let Monsanto perform the environmental impact study!

Yes, as indicated in the title, the USDA is letting GMO companies “check themselves” and make sure their products don’t have too much negative environmental impact. Well, I wonder what they will come up with….

Seriously, with the history of misrepresentation, suppression of data, and disregard for human or environmental health in this industry, the conclusions are pretty clear to me: 1) this is f***ed up and 2) the Obama administration’s USDA is bought (and skirting the law).

My suggestion? Take action against GMOs now.

The USDA announcement regarding this new policy is here in the Federal Register for April 7, 2011 [PDF].

More on this story is available on Grist: USDA moves to let Monsanto perform its own environmental impact studies on GMOs.

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  • http://www.lavishrose.com Elana

    its a sad day when corporations have more power than governments and we are left with the wreckage. buy local and organic and kiss your farmers for all the hard work they do.

    • Matt

      Too bad your local farmers are more than likely buying seeds from this company seeing as how they control 90% of that market!

    • http://Web Maria

      I’m looking forward to going to the Santa Monica Farmers Market tomorrow morning. I wish I lived closer…I would be there every Wednesday and Saturday! And yeah….I do thank the farmers that grow organic fruits and vegetables AND drive from Ventura County and Central California!

      We need to support these small farmers and NOT the large agriculture corporations who are just interested in taking our money in exchange for disease, illness and medical conditions.

  • http://Web Evz

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong??!!

    I do *not* understand how this issue isn’t national news, like, every night… SURE SEEMS LIKE IT MIGHT BE IMPORTANT! egads, how did we let it get like this?! sigh… I want to kick Monsanto right in the balls; if a corporation is a “person,” I should be able to do that, right?!

    • http://www.cleantechnica.com Zach

      haha, & AGREED!

      yes, i think you should totally be allowed & able to kick Monsanto in the balls 😀

    • http://importantmedia.org/members/beckyanne/ Becky Striepe

      Yes. Yes you should.

      • http://Web Evs

        Right then! off i go!


  • nason

    I too had hope. That hope has been replaced by reality. Obama has sold you a lemon that cannot be returned. He is no different than W. Big business has and is running the show. You cast your vote in everything you purchase. Vote wisely.

    • http://importantmedia.org/members/beckyanne/ Becky Striepe

      Amen to voting with our wallets! Now if we could just get GM food labeled here in the U.S. so we could actually make informed purchasing decisions!

  • http://Web tony

    This is not news – the FDA, EPA have always had companies do their own research. Thy have to follow GLP standards for the testing and the data is reviewed by government scientists – this is how our medications and pesticides are approved for the last 50 years +. So get an education. And we have had GM foods for 13 years with ZERO problems

    • http://www.cleantechnica.com Zach

      Tony, clearly you’re not actually a regular reader of our site or of GMO topics at all. we have written about dozens of documented problems with GMOs.

      many of them are longer-term, so while the U.S. may be suffering from them already and may suffer from them much more so in the future, the GMO industry and those bought by it will certainly claim they are not responsible.

      if you want to learn more about some of the problems associated with GMOs, i’ll direct you to these two links to start:



    • http://Web Evz

      Zero problems? Really?!! Naivete gone to seed, is what that is… do you have any idea how often Monsanto has done scientifically meaningless studies on populations like ’30 mice for 2 weeks’, then pronounced some new GMO s**t safe for humans to eat? or sued to prevent independent (read: real, meaningful) testing for safety, by actual scientists? or bribed government officials to overlook data it didn’t like? or got journalists fired for even *questioning* farmers using Monsanto products, about the problems they were causing?

      If you think putting the fox in charge of the hen-house is a good idea, i encourage you to give it a try… please report back afterwards, and let’s discuss.

      (hint: it isn’t!)

      • http://importantmedia.org/members/beckyanne/ Becky Striepe

        Thanks for sharing this video, Evz! I’d been wanting to watch this documentary and didn’t realize it was on YouTube! Bookmarked.

  • nason

    Having an education does not imply that you are intelligent. GMO is not sustainable. Your logic is flawed. So if I hold my hand in the fire for 100 ms and nothing happens, surly I can hold my hand in the fire indefinitely. How many shares of MON do you own?

  • http://www.vegonline.org Evan

    Geez, if Obama is going to actively encourage this type of regulation on industry, what president down the road is going to enact real change, providing real standards?

    • http://www.cleantechnica.com zach

      = sad question of the day