Free Ecards for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here! If you don’t have a card yet, no worries, there are plenty of cool ecards you can get for free from various sites. If you’re not familiar with sending ecards, don’t worry, it’s completely simple. Here are a few sites I love to get ecards from.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy has a good selection of beautiful, free Valentine’s Day ecards and other ecards for you to choose from (the one above is from them). You can enjoy the beauty of nature (on a computer screen) with you and your loved one this year. And, of course, you can send more than one! They are free, after all.


Another great environmental organization, WWF has a good selection of beautiful Valentine’s Day ecards as well this year. This is the service I chose to use this year.


Not tied to any environmental organization. (Though, last year, it did commit to killing “one plant every hour until a million people help Stephen Colbert conserve our land” — to help the environment, of course.) This company has grown pretty fast from what I can tell and has become a (if not the) leading ecard company. And for good reason. They create some seriously funny cards. (Warning, though, some of them, especially these Valentine’s ones, are not for the conservative at heart.)


I think Care2 ecards have been around as long as ecards themself, I think. I’ve been using them for years, and think I’ve been getting at least one a day from my mom since the beginning of December :D. They’ve got a good selection and are connected to a number of good causes as well.

Hallmark and American’s Greetings

If you’re more into traditional Valentine’s Day cards and need to make your move over to free ecards slowly, step-by-step, you may prefer more traditional Valentine’s Day cards from Hallmark or American Greetings (links go straight to the Valentine’s card pages). However, these companies charge a bit for a number of their cards, their “premium” cards, so be careful while shopping. I personally prefer the companies above, but to each their own. Take your time choosing.

So, there’s quite a selection of cool, green (or greenish) ecards for you to send to your loved one(s). Save the trees, save the stress of getting the perfect card (you can get many), and save the time.. to spend with your special Valentine 😀

Any more suggestions? Favorites?

Image Credits: Nature Conservancy; WWFsomeecards

  • lucashartmann25

    Is this just cards or do you do also have ecards and things like that?

  • lucashartmann25

    Is this just cards or do you do also have thank you ecards and things like that?

  • lucashartmann25

    Is this just cards or do you do also have ecards and things like that?