Global Warming in the Arctic — Much Worse than We Thought!

A new study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), released today, says that the effects of warming in the Arctic are “dire… far worse than previous projections.” Dr Martin Sommerkorn, senior climate change advisor for WWF’s Arctic program (who works on this stuff everyday) says: “What they found was a truly sobering picture.”


The report released by WWF today, Arctic Climate Feedbacks: Global Implications, is an “unprecedented peer-reviewed report.” It was created by a variety of the world’s top climate scientists. It shows that the results of climate change in the Arctic are actually expected to be much worse than the Nobel prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in 2007. WWF says: “numerous arctic climate feedbacks – negative effects prompted by the impacts of warming — will make global climate change more severe than indicated by other recent projections, including those of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 assessment.”

Dr Sommerkorn says: “What this report says is that a warming Arctic is much more than a local problem, it’s a global problem. Simply put, if we do not keep the Arctic cold enough, people across the world will suffer the effects.

One major finding is that sea-level is actually anticipated to rise by more than one meter by 2100 (more than twice what the IPCC predicted in 2007). This would directly affect more than ¼ of the world’s population! Indirectly, I’m sure it will affect everyone.

Another major point is that the Arctic is warming at about twice the rate of the rest of the world and the Arctic’s frozen soils and wetlands “store twice as much carbon as is held in the atmosphere“. This means that if the Arctic isn’t kept cool, the multiplying effects of global warming will jump drastically. The global warming cycle will be out of our hands soon if we don’t act now and keep the Arctic cool.

The WWF says we need to act now. And Copenhagen in December is a key!

WWF has worked with others to create a “model climate treaty” that could be used by all the world leaders who will be meeting in Copenhagen to decide the world’s future on climate change (and everything). James Leape, director general of WWF International, says: “We need to listen now to these signals from the Arctic, and take the necessary action in Copenhagen this December to get a deal that quickly and effectively limits greenhouse gas emissions.”

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  • Al Herb

    I developed methods to stop global warming many decades ago. Too many brilliant people have not even asked me how? Even the White House people (Clinton, Bush, and Obama)don’t respond to certified letters (from my pension, which I can ill afford)to my entreaties. I wish to share some of my discourses for serious consideration.

  • Al Herb


  • EL

    The report brief clearly stipulates that CO2 levels at 450ppm will kill the Reef.

    What use is it for Garrett to invest all this money into water quality when KRudd is not going to make decisions that will protect the Reef.

    We need a maximum of 350ppm and we need it urgently!

  • Eve

    I must say the warming in the Arctic is worse than we though. The usual melt period of June to August didn’t happen this year. In the 2nd week of July a freighter could not get into a port in Greenland because of the ice. The North West passage did not open this year. We had a number of sailboats trying to get through that had to be rescued by Canadian ice breakers. I told them to let them sit there or charge then. I am not paying to get idiots out of the ice. Then the ice started to refreeze in the 3rd week of Aug. So this year we got, naybe a month and a week of the usual 3 month melt. Yes, it is much worse

  • hsr0601

    The sky in Beijing & man-made climate change.

  • Animal LOVER!!!

    @ Al Herb: Could you really help the world? PLEASE DO!!

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  • Herb Longstreet

    GLobal Warming is a hoax. The Govt knows it but has too much money at stake. They are threatening any scientist that says the actual correct data. You should all do your own research on the internet and see how the govt is begging people to believe. The non-idealoges know that global warming is not true just like the ice age 30 years ago was not true. The enviromentalist so desparately want to matter that they will do anything to try and make people believe in this fantasy of theirs. They should get out of fantasy land and get into reality.