Great Climate Change Images from WWF & good50x70

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently teamed up with good50x70 to create a great collection of graphics depicting the climate change situation we are in today.

They are so great that I decided to share the news with you here.

The graphics can be used on your desktop, on a t-shirt or through some other creative means.


The graphics include commentary by the artists as well — great comments on the issues from a variety of different perspectives.

One example from the artist of the graphic above (“Our Time is Running Out”), Scott Laserow comments:

“What struck me most while reviewing this brief is learning how shockingly close we are to global catastrophe due to the effects of climate change on our planet. I wanted to convey how the changing conditions are already affecting ALL living things and how we’re all connected and rely on each other to sustain life. The image communicates how we’re all in this together and how little time we have to make dramatic changes in our everyday lives otherwise face imminent demise. The single image of man made up of all living things disintegrating in an hourglass fashion combines my concern in what I hope will be an awakening and alarming realization for others.”

Great images and comments. Hope you use them wisely and they inspire you to live a greener life.

via WWF

Image Credit: Scott Laserow via WWF