Guys Like Green Girls

A new survey conducted by footwear company Timberland, the “2010 Timberland Eco-Love Survey“, shows that men are looking for eco-friendly and adventurous girls.

54% of men would question starting a relationship with a girl who litters, 27% would question doing so if the girl didn’t recycle, 25% if she didn’t turn the lights off when leaving home, and 21% would ponder starting things with a girl who drove a gas-guzzler.

Image Credit: mark sebastian Timberland's newest Eco-Love Survey finds that guys like green girls and they like outdoor dates..

Timberland's newest Eco-Love Survey finds that guys like green girls and they like outdoor dates.

Similarly, 24% of men think green women make better life partners and 27% think they make better friends.

On a slightly different note, but in the same sort of green vein, the survey found that 41% of men would be more interested in an “adventure” date (such as hiking or rock-climbing) or a charity or service-oriented date (like going tree-planting) than the traditional “dinner and a movie” date.

The strange thing, in my opinion, is that Timberland only focused on what guys preferred, but maybe a survey of what women are looking for will come out next year.

I have always fit into the category of guys who care about how green-friendly a girl is, but I am genuinely surprised to see the percentages reported above. Perhaps it is because of the association between females and nature (e.g. Mother Nature). Or perhaps it is all of those “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” PETA ads. Or all those female celebrities with a green focus. Or, perhaps, people just care about the environment!

The survey did also find that 72% of respondents think Americans need to switch to energy-efficient lighting, 57% think Americans need to green their transportation by bicycling, carpooling or walking to work more, and 47% want people to take showers instead of baths to save water.

It is great to see more and more people concerned about these things, but hopefully those percentages will rise even much higher in the near future.

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  • graceonline

    This bodes well for the future, methinks. Hope springs at the thought of ever more mindful families make thoughtful choices about their every day activities.