Help EcoLocalizer’s Sister Sites Today

treehugger best of green 2011

Our content crosses over a bit with some of our sister sites. Two of them, CleanTechnica and Gas2, we are very happy to see were nominated for 2011 TreeHugger Best of Green awards (basically, the biggest green awards on the internet) and I thought it might be worth mentioning to our loyal readers here that you can vote for them and help our network to get more attention, grow, and deliver you more content(!), over on TreeHugger today (or at least by April 1).


CleanTechnica, which is consistently in the top 3 to 5 green blogs according to Technorati and in the top 20 green blogsaccording to my analysis, was nominated in the Best Environmental Sci-Tech Blog category.

Last I checked, it was in the lead by 1 point (but far ahead of 3 of the contenders). Help CleanTechnica out by voting for it now.


Gas2 is facing a little more difficulty, but it is a good contender in the Best Transportation Website category and I’m sure the folks over on that site would appreciate all the support you can give it.

You can vote for each site only once, but you can also have a stronger effect by sharing the news with friends and family and encouraging them to vote for CleanTechnica and/or Gas2. We’d love the support!

Image via TreeHugger