How Does Your City Compare to Others in Bicycling, Walking and Transit?

san francisco vs new york modes of transportation to work

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An EcoLocalizer reader recently shared a great site of his, Modes of Transportation, that helps you find and compare the percentages of people that use varying modes of transportation to get to work in U.S. cities. That is, you can compare: who walks to work more, residents of New York or San Francisco; who bikes more, residents of your city or Portland; who carpools more, residents of Los Angeles of San Diego; or other things along those lines.

The data come from the US Census Bureau and can also be divided according to city size (Small, Medium, or Large). I know I saw a very similar thing using the same data when I was in graduate school for city and regional planning (forget the site now). A lot of us used the site for our projects and papers and just for pure fun. I could probably spend hours going through the site comparing cities and different modes of transport… if I had the time.

Have some fun with it. And let us know if you find anything interesting!

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  • Alan

    If he/she breaks it down by gender (table c08006 in the American Community Survey) then the bicycling part gets broken out, as well as carpooling. Why this table was originally developed (combining bicycling with taxi and motorcycling) I don’t know.