How Much is Bicycling Worth to the Economy? $1.5 Billion/Year in Wisconsin

We’re bicycling fans here on Ecolocalizer. Have you noticed?


Because it’s good for everything: our health, the livability of cities, the efficiency of our cities, equitable access to key needs, and the economy. Here’s more on that last part, the economy, from the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin:

Investment in a more bicycle friendly Wisconsin pays off. A 2010 study conducted at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that bicycling contributes $1.5 billion to Wisconsin’s economy every year.

What does bicycling mean for our local communities and our state? It means:

  • 13,200 bike-related jobs
  • $535 million in tourism dollars from out-of-state visitors
  • reduced health care costs
  • a better quality of life

Read the full piece here: Bicycling boosts Wisconsin’s economy by $1.5 billion annually

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Photo Credit: jbdenham