How to Save $9,515 a Year

Santas saving money by riding transit in New York City

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) releases figures regarding how much people save by riding transit in the U.S. every month in its Transit Savings Report. It calculates how much the average American saves as well as how much an average resident of twenty of the country’s largest cities (the cities with the most transit ridership) saves.

APTA recently released the latest figures and made sure to connect the findings to the concerns of Americans all across the country. “Americans are more concerned about the current economic conditions than any other issue,” APTA wrote. “Switching from driving to riding public transportation is a proven way for individuals to cut monthly and yearly transportation costs now, while also reducing their carbon footprint.”

In this most recent analysis, APTA found that the average transit rider in the U.S. saves $9,515 annually from riding transit. This is 3.5% more than at the same time last year.

In New York City, the average savings are almost up to $14,000!

Want to save some money this holiday season (or all year long)? Ride transit.

The following are average savings in the cities with the most transit ridership:

City Monthly Savings Annual Savings
1. New York $1,164 $13,962
2. Boston $1,069 $12,826
3. San Franciso $1,053 $12,641
4. Chicago $961 $11,533
5. Seattle $946 $11,350
6. Philadelphia $928 $11,136
7. Honolulu $913 $10,957
8. Los Angeles $855 $10,261
9. Minneapolis $840 $10,083
10. San Diego $827 $9,924
11. Portland $817 $9,807
12. Denver $813 $9,752
13. Cleveland $805 $9,659
14. Washington, DC $797 $9,569
15. Baltimore $796 $9,549
16. Miami $780 $9,356
17. Pittsburgh $750 $8,995
18. Dallas $739 $8,867
19. Atlanta $737 $8,842
20. Las Vegas $729 $8,748


What would you do with an extra $10,000?

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Photo Credit: Santas riding transit in New York City by missmareck via flickr (CC license)