I-GO Car Sharing Launches Largest Solar-Powered EV Project

I know sustainablog founder and editor Jeff McIntire-Strasburg is an I-GO fan — I actually learned about this Chicago car sharing non-profit from Jeff when he wrote about it earlier this year on sustainablog. Well, now, this humble little car sharing non-profit is leading the country.. in powering electric cars with solar power. Here’s more from my post on sister site CleanTechnica:

  • http://www.santafe-nm-webdesign.com jake

    I’ve only recently learned about car sharing. I lived in NY, and could have used this service a couple time when living there (1998 – 2002). I now live in Santa Fe, and though I think it’s years away from being a viable service, I do think it will be in the near future. Thanks for the article!

    • http://importantmedia.org/members/zshahan/ Zachary Shahan

      yeah, it’s not that flashy, but it’s actually really useful and environmentally beneficial.

  • http://www.buildingwell.org Pete Kane (@Buildingwell)

    Car sharing is in itself a very green alternative to the standard single-owner auto reality that many of us are used to. The fact that I-GO is now changing the infrastructure to to make this alternative even greener is excellent news. And as you allude, while it may be the only one currently doing this, there will most certainly be many other car sharing programs that continue the electric/PV trend.