Is the U.S. Now a Nation of Incrementalists?

The U.S. is known for being big, having big visions, having big plans and projects. But has that all changed in the past few decades? Karrie Jacobs of The Infrastructurist delves into this matter in great deal and concludes: “Apparently we’re now a nation that takes only incremental steps.” While our U.S. Secretary of Transportation is interested in larger visions of what the U.S. can become and promotes a transportation revolution, there are plenty of Republicans who are trying to stall that.

“We’re talking about nothing short of transforming transportation much the same way the interstate highway system did under President Eisenhower,” wrote Secretary of Transporation Ray LaHood on his official blog. “Can you imagine if Ohio or Wisconsin or any other state had said, ‘No, thanks—we don’t think that highway thing is going anywhere?’”

But even our “transformational” plans are borderline incremental according to Jacobs. Read more here: The Incrementalists.

Photo Credit: Payton Chung