Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea for Animal Lovers

sponsor farm animal

If you are like me, you have left Christmas in the back of your mind. OK, you probably aren’t like me, but on the off chance you are and you need a last-minute Christmas gift for someone or you just need a last-minute gift for someone, I recently ran across a nice idea that’s perfect for the animal lovers on your gift list. The idea: buy them an animal!

Well, no, not an animal for their home (I had a good friend do that for me once — I wouldn’t recommend it). What I mean is sponsor an animal. You can do so via Farm Sanctuary — yep, follow that link.

As Meredith Turner of Farm Sanctuary notes:

If you’re like most people, you’re probably counting down the days right now until you get some much-needed holiday downtime. During the hustle bustle of the holiday season, it can be easy to forget that animals on today’s factory farms never get a holiday. While we laugh and enjoy good times with our friends and family, farm animals are frightened and alone, confined in darkness 24/7 so severely they can barely move, lie down comfortably, or even extend their limbs.

It’s the sad, sad truth.

sponsor a farm animal

You can help one (or more) of those animals by giving someone an animal sponsorship for as little as $10 (the cost of sponsoring a chicken). Truthfully, this is what I’m asking for this year. (Just wish I had thought/heard about it sooner so I could have asked more people.)

The rescued farm animal will live at one of Farm Sanctuary’s farms.

The rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary are finally safe from harm, but they rely on sponsorship support for their daily care,” Meredith says. “Your holiday sponsorship is a chance to create happy endings for animals in need and bring them comfort and joy.

What will your gift recipient (or you) actually receive?

  • a personalized adoption certificate
  • a color photo
  • details about scheduling a VIP tour to meet your or your gift recipient’s adopted friend

Sound good? Last call to action — sponsor a farm animal or two!

Full disclosure: Eat Drink Better and I get nothing for this call to action other than the hope that some of you will help these animals out.