Malibu ecoPARK Moving Forward [Video]


It is not built yet, but if it does get built, it will be one of the greenest projects I’ve ever heard of. And the good news is that it has just received approval to begin construction. The project I’m talking about is the “longtime dream project” of ecoTECH, ecoPARK, and is supposed to be located on ecoTECH president Doug Busch’s property in Malibu, “on the bluffs above the Pacific.”

The purpose of the project is “to advance green education, technology, research—and host international think tanks dedicated to a sustainable future for the planet.”

You probably had a similar reaction to me when first hearing about this — “sounds like a nice green project for rich people” — but ecoTech says otherwise. “Busch’s vision for ecoPARK is of a place that stimulates the minds and enriches the lives of the ‘masses’ not the ‘classes.'” Busch says that one of the “vital flaws” of the green movement to this point has been that green products have come with much higher price tags, “which have caused [the green movement] to be elitist and inaccessible to the masses.”

That is a common criticism and it is good to see that Busch has his eye on changing that. Busch says that ecoPARK “will provide egalitarian access to green solutions.”

Another focus of ecoPARK will be as a center for the continuous evolution of environmental consciousness and a development ground for environmentally friendly ideas.

ecoPARK to be Off the Grid & Have Zero Carbon Footprint

It is planned that ecoPARK, itself, will not rely on any outside energy sources. “It will be off the grid,” Busch says, “with a zero carbon footprint.” Here are a few of the ways in which ecoPARK will accomplish that:

• Visitors will be able to view all the latest technologies for their homes and see the differences between like products, thus allowing them to make educated choices for their homes and landscape.
• Visitors to the park will ride in vehicles that produce and harvest energy from the vehicle as it goes over a series of specially designed energy-generating speed bumps along with a gym that produces power during workouts.
• A Koi and turtle rescue pond will serve as wildlife restoration and bio fertilizer.
• Salt water ponds will foster algae growth for biofuel technology and food.
• Gardens will reflect a beneficial draught tolerant eatable horticulture scheme.
• The new wave of housing will be displayed with a safeHAUS model, sustainable pre-fabricated houses constructed with the latest technologies.
• An organic farm and a saltwater food demonstration will advocate for use of local, sustainable food source methods.
• Everything at ecoPARK will be cradle to cradle from materials to construction.

Looks like an excellent project. Hopefully, it will live up to all of its goals and will help advance the green movement to a new level.

Image Credit: screenshot of ecoPARK YouTube video above