Millions Against Monsanto (Take Action)

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The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has a kick-a** campaign going on, Millions Against Monsanto. It is trying to get as many people as possible to campaign in the streets on October 16, 2011 for mandatory labeling of GM food and is looking to get 1 million to sign a petition pushing for this.

If you aren’t heavily involved yet, here are 3 main ways you can get involved:

  1. You can visit the Millions Against Monsanto Facebook page and indicate your planned attendance.
  2. You can help plan an event in your state.
  3. You can contact Organic Consumers Association staff to get help starting an event in your community.

Also, if you happen to have space you could share, here’s a special request for you:

“We need volunteers willing to host organic, non-GMO potlucks to bring activists together to plan for World Food Day. If you have a venue where you can host a public potluck, please let us know, so we can invite Organic Consumers Association activists in your area and get you the resources you need to make your World Food Day planning potluck a success.”

Of course, while the Millions Against Monsanto World Food Day is civic action, it is also going to be a lot of fun:

“… we’ll join together at community gardens, farmers markets, grocery stores, non-GMO potlucks, film screenings and Right2Know rallies to educate our communities about the dangers of Monsanto’s seeds and pesticides and to demonstrate how much better organic, GMO-free eating can be.”

And, seriously, shouldn’t we have the right to know if there are GM products in our food or not? (Sure would help counter greenwashing.)

(Wikileaks recently revealed that US diplomats are pushing Monsanto and other GMO products worldwide. We need to stop this, but if we can’t stop Monsanto at home, how will we ever succeed in stopping the GMO push overseas?)

Image via Organic Consumers Association

  • Richard

    “Forgive them father because they know not what they do.” Organics will never feed 9 billion people solely, and biotech foods have been on the market for almost 20 years with not so much as a complaint over a bellyache. GMO foods are feeding millions of people daily, are safe for human consumption and the environment. Organics are great for backyard gardens but it is extremely naive to believe they can ever feed the world’s exploding population.

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