News (Sort of)

I said many moons ago that I had some updates to share and would be doing so ‘soon’. That sort of got dropped in the midst of all the stuff I do. Finally, getting around to sharing one of these updates (1 or 2 more are actually still pending). 😀

Well, it’s sort of anti-climactic, if you visit our sites, but this is the big news item:

We completely revamped our site designs (are using a new theme, for those familiar with website development speak) on Planetsave and CleanTechnica (and all other Important Media sites). Things seem to be going well with the new theme.

In addition to this, as you can see, I recently started sharing quotes and short posts not really related to my work but to life in general here on Hope you enjoy them.

Drop me a note any time, if we haven’t been in touch for awhile,.. or even if we have. 😀

  • Anne Markward

    Zachary – incredible graphs “…to make you smile” on about the rise of solar PV. May I cite these for classes we run, and – even better – may I start a new page on our website with your graphs (and others) included? I will cite / link to your site from there.

    • Zachary Shahan


      Yes, please do! On both fronts. 😀