Organic Fruit & Veggie House! (Cool)

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I just ran across this on a friend’s site. So cool, and useful.

It’s a modular house made of fruits and veggies planted in (of course) plastic crates. They are put on top of scaffolding made into the shape of a house. The house lives during the summer and then is taken down and rebuilt in another location the next year. The name: Eathouse.

Imagine this guy sitting in your backyard. I know that I’d be eating more fruits and vegetables.


eathouse vegetable roof

eathouse crate design

Eathouse was designed by two Dutch companies — de Stuurlui Stedenbouw and Atelier GRAS!. Here’s more from them on this beauty:

A house and garden to eat, that you are able to touch, smell, taste, seed, weed, and harvest! EATHOUSE is a house in a garden that attracts visitors with delicious vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. We want to seduce people and make them taste the edible garden and the edible house. EATHOUSE has a temporary character; it lasts a summer season. This is why all the materials used in EATHOUSE can be re-used for a new season of EATHOUSE at a different spot

EATHOUSE consists of a modular system of plain plastic crates, in combination with a scaffold structure. These crates are used in the agricultural industry to harvest, transport and exhibit fruit and vegetables in combination with a scaffold system. With this system vertical green becomes accessible for everyone; you can make your own vegetable garden on the wall of your balcony or on the roof of your garden shed!

Looks like a good idea. Are you going to make one? Seen anything else like this?

eathouse veggie house

h/t WV Outpost

All image credits: de Stuurlui stedenbouw & Atelier GRAS! via arch daily

  • Becky Striepe

    I want this in my yard! So much prettier (and tastier!) than our metal shed.