UK’s Largest Solar Housing Project Now in Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) has signed 120 houses up for an innovative renewable energy program, “Power Roofs,” which should reduce carbon emissions by about 350 tons a year. By 2012, SYHA hopes to eventually have 650 homes signed up and getting 30% of their energy needs from solar power.

The purpose of the program is to help protect residents from increases in energy prices and “reduce energy poverty.” Here’s a little bit more on expectations for Power Roofs: “Each system should produce 1,410kWh a year, generating an average annual saving of £130 per household.” (That would be $206 for us Americans.)

If you make the assumption that electricity prices will continue increasing at 6% a year, as has been occurring over the past decade, residents could save up to £2,235 ($3,546) over 10 years or £8,967 ($14,227) over 25 years, taking the UK’s new feed-in tariff program into account.

Creating local jobs, saving residents money, and helping the environment… sounds like a win-win-win for Yorkshire.

Photo Credit: Lance Cheung

  • Lynn

    Yorkshire… it’s not renown for sunshine!
    Still I hope it’s a great success – I definitely think it’s the way forward.

    • Zachary Shahan

      lol, yeah, goes to show.. if the UK & Germany and nations without the best resources can make such use of solar these days, who can’t?