Vegan World Pie Chart

Vegan world pie chart preview. Full pie chart below.

This is something I ran across awhile back and then ran across again and have wanted to cover for awhile but have put off — a pie chart on what would happen if the whole world became vegan. It’s pretty simple, but definitely fun and worth a quick look and share.

The pie chart was created by the savvy folks over at PETA. It got a laugh out of me but I think it’s also useful for ‘arguing’ with anyone who wants to throw crazy claims at you about what would happen if the whole world decided to eat vegan.

Of course, beyond what’s mentioned in the pie chart key, if the whole world went vegan, we would see tremendous improvements to our health, environment, animal welfare, economy, the way we treat each other, and the world as a whole (as you can see in the articles at the bottom).

Anyway, before checking out those, here’s the full chart with the key:

vegan world pie chart

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  • Lauren @ MRS

    LOL! Though seriously, I wonder if we won’t have any nutritional deficiency if the only thing we ate are vegetables?

    • http://Web JenB

      No one suggested eating solely vegetables, of course you’d have serious issues doing that. Vegans eat fruit, veggies, beans, nuts, grains, just no animals or animal-derived products (eggs/meat/dairy). Deficiency concerns for vegans are B-12, D, calcium, iron. A little daily vitamin takes care of that! :-)