Vegetarian Month (Infographic)

Well, Vegetarian Month is about to come to a close, but, for some of us, it’s Vegetarian Year or even Vegetarian Life. The folks over at have created this great infographic below, and I think it helps to highlight some of the key reasons to go vegetarian (for one month, one year, or one life). It also has some useful info on different kinds of vegetarians (I’m a Lacto Vegetarian, FYI :D).

One interesting fact, for me, was that so many American vegetarians have been vegetarian for over 10 years (millions of them). Given that 42% of U.S. vegetarians aren’t even 25 years old, that’s pretty striking, and testament to the fact that you can live a happy, healthy life without meat (if not an even happier and healthier one).

Another one: vegetarians are 40% less likely to get cancer! Wow.

And I bet the beer part surprises a lot of folks….

Anyway, here’s the infographic (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

Vegetarian Month infographic provided by