Why Planning for Children Can Make Cities Better for Everyone

Many of the things we need to do to make cities better for children would also make them better for everyone. But many city planners and others who listen to the complaints of mothers often seem more interesting in saying that mothers shouldn’t expect so much and don’t even see the point that a city that is better for mothers and children would be a much better city overall and is a possibility to work towards. Alexandra Lange recently went into this in much more depth on GOOD.

She discussed the improvements to transportation that could be made, the needs of the booming elderly, the need to make our air cleaner and our transportation corridors safer (for all), the need for more park space, and more. In the end, for her own NYC, she proposed “a mayoral task force, called something catchy like NYChildren, to look at the child-friendly city holistically,” coordinated across city agencies. Interesting idea.

Read the full piece here: The Moms Aren’t Wrong: Why Planning for Children Would Make Cities Better for All.

Photo Credit: Runs With Scissors