10 Most Walkable Cities in World? [SLIDESHOW]

Sydney, Australia

“There are cities where cars reign supreme, others where a bicycle or public transportation will suffice, and a select few that remain a paradise for two feet. By design or purely by accident, each of these 10 cities beckons you to wander its boulevards, paths, and parks.”

This is Frommer’s intro to its slideshow of the 10 most walkable cities in the world. The cities and some statements from Frommer’s about why it chose them are below, as well as pictures I’ve gathered of the cities from flickr. Enjoy.

I don’t think the cities were in order from best to 10th best or 10th best to best, but this is how they were ordered on Frommer’s.

Florence, Italy


Florence, Italy

“In many parts of Florence, cars either aren’t allowed or can’t fit. Though the cobblestone streets may not be ideal for breaking in that new pair of Gucci stilettos, you can only really discover the soul of this historical city by foot.”

image by seligr at Flickr

Paris, France


Paris, France

“It’s almost easier to highlight where not to walk, as you can find beauty and authentic experiences throughout the city.”

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia

“There is something so alluring and inviting about this hillside town on the Adriatic coastline, where the cobblestones streets are best explored on foot. The entire old town of Dubrovnik is UNESCO World Heritage-listed so you may spend hours covering a relatively short distance, constantly stopping to admire the architecture, the views, and the ambience.”

New York City, USA


New York City, USA

“All those women wearing designer suits with running shoes reminds you that New York City is a place where the best — and often fastest — mode of transportation is your own two legs. The streets are numbered so there’s little chance of getting lost. Expect to cover about 20 north-south city blocks per mile.”

Check out more of the World’s Top Walkable Cities on Page 2 –>>

Photo Credits: seligr via flickr; Stuck in Customs via flickr; schmaeche via flickr; See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via flickr; fudj via flickr

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  • seligr

    Nice to see my picture of Florence included – but it would have been even better to have been acknowledged – as I guess woiud other photographers whom you have inserted in this piece.
    steve (seligr at flickr)

    • http://community.importantmedia.org/rhondawinter/ Rhonda Winter

      I am very sorry that you were not properly credited for your work. I did not write this article, but I have corrected the mistake, and have added a link to your Flickr site next to the image. Please let me know if you would like more information included as well. There is actually a photo credit at the bottom of the page, but it is not readily apparent.

      I have also frequently found my own photographs being used online without any attribution, and it totally sucks. So sorry for this oversight.

    • http://www.zacharyshahan.com Zach

      The credit, along with all the others, is on the bottom of the post (after the terms “Photo Credits”).

      Great photo. Thanks for licensing it as CC.

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