700 Naked People in France for Climate Change Action

700 people stripped naked in French vineyards this week. Why? To try to influence world leaders to do more regarding climate change.


This is another Greenpeace sponsored event. The activist organization wanted to bring more attention to the threat climate change poses for French vineyeards, but it had bigger goals in mind, too.

They included a letter to top world leaders — Obama, Merkel, Jintao, Lula, Sarkozy, Zapatero, Tusk, etc. — in their press release. Greenpeace wrote: “Here’s an open letter to world leaders with a naked truth about climate change: their efforts so far have barely made a difference.”

In the letter, Greenpeace summarizes actions they’ve taken in the past to try to raise awareness about climate change.

Around the world, people have made time to march, dance, create artwork, chain themselves overnight to coal installations in Svalbard, lock on to equipment in Canada’s tar sands, get arrested for suspending a message to the G20 from a bridge in Pittsburgh, spend four months at sea away from their families to show again that the Arctic is melting, document glacial melt at the top of the Himalayas and carved a hundred ice statues in Beijing to show the threat to Asia’s water supply.

Additionally, the world activist organization asked world leaders to confirm their places at the conference in Copenhagen. “Given the lengths to which we’re all willing to go to call for action on this issue, do you think you could make some time in your busy calendar this December to show up in Copenhagen?”

Surprisingly, only three world leaders have reserved a seat at the instrumental meeting so far. “To date, only Gordon Brown (UK), Donald Tusk (Poland) and Jan Peter Balkenende (the Netherlands) have said they will attend.”

This is another fun, eye-catching attempt by Greenpeace to influence climate action in Copenhagen. Hopefully, it will help to make a difference.

via Greenpeace

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