Avocados, Guac Style Quiz, and Guac Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Avocados from Mexico. All opinions are 100% mine.


I love avocados, as you know. Avocados have been my favorite food for as long as I can remember and, actually, based on the stories my mom has told me about my avocado eating habits as a young one (with plenty of photo evidence), they might have been my favorite my whole life.

One of the most popular avocado dishes, of course, is guacamole. It’s a great party food, snack food, or (if you make enough) even main meal. But there are so many ways to make guac…

I was recently notified that Avocados from Mexico has a cool “Guac Star Style” quiz where you can reflect on and determine what kind of guac chef and eater you are. I just took the quiz and, as you can see (screenshot of the results below), I’m a “guac geek” and love authentic Mexican guac (true & true). You can take the quiz over on the Avocados from Mexico Facebook page to have a little guac fun yourself.

Avocados for Mexico is also hosting a sweepstakes (running from 12/28/10 to 2/6/11) in which over 80 lucky folks can win a host of prizes, from $100 in free groceries (3 winners) to coupons for Avocados from Mexico (80 winners) to “Fly Away” tickets for two, a $1500 value (2 winners). Worth the few seconds it takes to enter, I think. Visit either their homepage or Facebook page to enter. For up-to-date announcements on the sweepstakes or other topics, you can also follow Avocados for Mexico on Twitter (@guacgrl).

Now, how about a fun guac recipe?

Here’s an avocado dish I recently found that I’m modifying into a guac recipe. It’s definitely on my “to make” list.

Ingredients (slightly modified to my preferences):

  • one ripe avocado
  • 1/2 red grapefruit
  • 1/2 orange
  • a handful of sprouts
  • salt, black pepper, sweet pepper, to taste
  • Tbs of olive oil
  • Pine nuts

How to make:

  • mash up the avocado
  • add the olive oil and spices to the mashed avocado and mix
  • cut the grapefruit and orange into small pieces and add to the mix
  • add pine nuts and mix
  • add sprouts along the edge and a little on top

Any more great guac or other avocado recipes?

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  • http://Web Dinah Brown

    Well I was excited about entering the great Avocado’s from Mexico sweepstakes that was supposedly running from 12/28 to 1/28, but when I go to enter, it says that it has ended and all winners have been notified!!! What’s up. But thanks for the info anyway! :)

  • http://www.cleantechnica.com Zach

    Hmm, that’s strange. I just entered two days before… (& it’s not the 28th yet :D) did you try more than once? try going through the Facebook page or homepage?