Bill Clinton’s CNN Vegan Interview

UPDATE: Last night’s interview got bumped for breaking news, but it’s re-scheduled to air on Saturday! Below are some previews, in the meantime.

It’s Bill Clinton’s 65th Birthday today. And as I previewed, a feature interview on him and his vegan diet was supposed to run on CNN last night. Above is a preview to the show, “The Last Heart Attack.” And here’s a 9-minute video of coverage from around, of that interview and others (not the best quality, but you can follow):

The intro by Dr. Sanjay Gupta includes a pretty interesting set of statistics — 40% of Americans believe they’re in ideal heart health… while the real % is under 1%. Interesting.

I like that Clinton points out that he needs less sleep as a vegan, that he likes what he’s eating, really seems to like it (which is really no surprise). Even though he’s only doing it for his health (not moral or spiritual reasons), he’s happy with the food options he has.

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