California High-Speed Rail Video

California high-speed rail video screenshot

Screenshot of California high-speed rail video below.

One of my friends from my city planning graduate studies just tipped me off to a new video for the California high-speed rail (HSR) project that her company, PBS&J (an Atkins Company), is a part of.

It is a great, comprehensive video covering numerous aspects of this project and I highly recommend checking it out.

A few highlight points from the video are as follows:

  • The HSR line will go from downtown LA to downtown San Francisco in under 2.5 hours.
  • The trains will go up to 220 mph, comparable to the best high-speed systems already located in 11 countries around the world.
  • 600 thousand construction jobs and an additional 450 thousand permanent jobs will be created from this project.
  • If this project is implemented, it will be the “largest public works project undertaken in the state in 50 years.”
  • HSR uses 1/3 the energy per passenger of airplanes, 1/5 the energy per passenger of automobiles.

Learn much more and watch visualizations of the trains via the video below.

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