Chance to Win Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us! {Earth Day Giveaway}

The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was a key figure at the start of the environmental movement. Mixing top-notch environmental science with an activist drive to protect the environment, she touched the hearts and minds of many.

She “paved” the way (or “unpaved” the way, we might say) for countless environmental scientists, environmental activists, and environmental writers.

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is widely regarded as a key book that helped to simulate the grassroots environmental movement. The environmental movement that resulted in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and numerous important environmental regulations benefiting our country today might not have ever come about (or not in the same way or so early on) if it weren’t for Carson.

Other than Silent Spring, though, Carson other a number of highly-praised books.

In coordination with Earth Day 2011, Open Road Media is releasing Rachel Carson’s Under the Sea Wind, The Sea Around Us, and A Sense of Wonder as eco-friendly ebooks. Open Road Media got in touch with us to partner up on a book giveaway contest for The Sea Around Us.

Over one million copies of The Sea Around Us have been sold worldwide. It has been translated into twenty-eight languages. And it won the National Book Award and John Burroughs Award. It is quite a good book.

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Here are a few quotes on why The Sea Around Us is such a great book to win:

[Carson has] a rare gift for transmuting scientific fact into lucid, lyrical language.” — TIME

Her book remains fresh, in part because of her ability to convey scientific insight in vivid poetic language—but, perhaps more important, because what she has to say is still so relevant today.” — Scientific American

As stimulating as a breeze from the oceans about which she writes; an invigorating and exciting book.” — Boston Herald

Take the easy steps above and enter to win!