How To: Smoothies

fruit smoothie

We got on a huge smoothie kick this summer. We discovered that a dinky little blender of ours could actually make them and were making smoothies every day for a week or two. Now, while smoothies are a delicious, special treat, they are not at all difficult to make. However, if you’ve never made one before, you may not believe me. So, I’m writing this short little post (photos included) to tell you how to make smoothies (or, at least, how I like to make them) and to let you know about one of my favorite recipes.

Smoothie Recipes

Before we get into how to make a smoothie, I’ll just note that there are a number of different options and recipes out there. My favorite method is with all frozen fruit and juice. (I’m definitely not a fan of smoothie recipes that use ice.) While I like my smoothies a little thicker and colder, though, my partner prefers them not so cold and thick. So, we often use half frozen fruit and half non-frozen fruit (as in the smoothie recipe/example below).

I’m a big fan of using bananas in any smoothie recipe (with berries of some sort normally, but could also be with pineapple or some other fruit). I’m also a big fan of pineapple-coconut or just pineapple or coconut juice for smoothies. Not a big fan of citrus juices for smoothies (even though I love them alone). I know some people do like citrus juices in smoothies, but just giving you my 2 cents after drinking probably hundreds of smoothies…. πŸ˜€

There are thousands of different smoothie recipes out there — try what you think sounds best! (And feel free to chime in with your favorite(s) if you have any.)

How to Make a Smoothie in Less than 5 Minutes

OK, here we go, step-by-step:

1. Get together your choice of frozen and/or fresh fruit and juice.

how to make smoothies 1

Frozen bananas, fresh raspberries, and blender for our smoothie.

2. Put whatever mix of the fruits you’re using in the blender. (I normally go with about half bananas and half berries of some sort.)

fruit for smoothie

Put about half bananas and half raspberries in the blender for this fruit smoothie.

3. Add juice. I like to pour it in until an inch or so below the top of the fruit.

how to make smoothie 3

Just about done pouring juice into the smoothie mix.

4. Blend!

how to make smoothie 4

Blending smoothie (generally, just takes seconds).

5. Pour into a glass (or glasses) and enjoy!

fruit & juice smoothie


Me drinking a delicious raspberry, banana, pineapple juice smoothie. :D

Summer is a great time for smoothies, especially in the midst of massive heat waves! Enjoy a smoothie or more today. And, again, let us know if you have some favorite smoothie recipes or ideas.

Photo Credits: Marika Krakowiak

  • Mitchell

    My favorite summertime smoothie is:

    1 peach (skin on, seed out)
    1 banana
    1/2 to 3/4 cup Mango Nectar (juice)
    1 cup (or less) of ice

    Blend well.

    I don’t measure this one, but it always comes out delicious.

    • zach

      mmm, that sounds good!


  • http://Web Shannon

    Hey, I recognize that setup!! And I can vouch for the deliciousness of those smoothies! I especially loved that nectarine version you made, even though the color was a bit odd. :-)

    • zach

      haha, thanks for commenting! yeah, that was an interesting one! (but the color was horrible :D)

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