Photo Tours of 10 Great Bicycle Cities: #10 Basel, Switzerland

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this series of photo tours is going to be worth about a hundred thousand.

You have probably heard before that the cities on this list are great bicycle cities, but the following photo tours will give you a better and more entertaining visual explanation of why they are considered to be so great.

From public art to art on bikes, seas of bicycles to bicycles that could carry a swimming pool, high heels to naked bicyclists, check out these upcoming photo tours of some of the world’s greatest bicycle cities.

I decided to pick the ten best bicycle cities I could think of but then order them according to how great they are as bicycle cities and how great the photos are that showcase them as unique bicycle centers.

Number ten on the list is Basel, Switzerland. According to Bicycle City, Basel is full of “well-marked bicycle paths that include their own signals and many left turn lanes.” The city has commuter lanes and lanes going outside the city for bicyclists.

Basel also has…

For the full photo tour of Basel, check out:

Image Credit: jrodmanjr via flickr under a Creative Commons license