Plastic in Our Oceans, & How to Keep it Out {Infographic}

This is a guest post by Zachary Shahan, site director of sister sites and, where he writes often about the causes and effects of global warming, endangered plants and animalssolar and wind power, bicycling, and much more.

Plastic oceans. Sea creatures full of plastic. This is a reality today. Tons and tons of plastic now live in the oceans of the world. There’s a Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a Great Atlantic Garbage Patch and many other garbage patches in between now. And, sadly, they grow every day, because we continue to produce amounts of plastic that are hard to even comprehend.

The BPA in plastic is now in our water and disrupts our hormones, even being linked to life-threatening diseases. The plastic is killing creatures on land and in the sea around the world,.. and is killing humans, too.

The following infographic offers a lot more information on this, some truly breathtaking statistics. It also does a good job of highlighting some of the top things you can do to cut plastic out of your life, such as:

  1. use reusable bags
  2. cut plastic water bottles out of your life and use reusable bottles
  3. use reusable lunch boxes, not plastic bags
  4. use silverware, not plastic-ware
  5. avoid plastic-heavy products of various kinds (especially products that use plastic that is easily recyclable)
  6. and much more.

Anyway, here’s some more information and tips on plastic and living a plastic-free life (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

plastic information

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