Rush Hour in Utrecht, Netherlands — Bicycles, Bicycles, & Bicycles

If you’ve read many of my posts at all, you know that I love bikes — they are one of the greenest things on the planet, are cheap, are widely available, and are fun and relaxing to ride. You may also know that I lived in the Netherlands for 5 months, perhaps the best country in the world for bicycling.

So, when a reader recently shared this awesome time-lapse video of rush hour in Utrecht, it was a given I’d have to publish it. Groningen was very similar –smaller city but even bigger bicycle commute rate, so seemed like a similar number of bicyclists but even fewer large vehicles.

Sort of annoyingly, but also usefully, the video has a link to check out 2011’s time-lapse (which is actually in normal speed) — that is below as well.

More great bicycling or Netherlands videos to share?

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  • joebertino

    Awesome, these videos never get old. It’s kinda like looking into the future. Every major metropolitan intersection will look like this one day (I hope). Thanks for following up with the share, Zach!

  • zshahan3

    @joebertino yeah, really great vids ๐Ÿ˜€ & HOPE this will be the future! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ecomobilitytv

    That’s great, sadly not everywhere in the world has that respect towards bikes. Check this video on NY, what do you think?

  • joebertino

    @ecomobilitytv Hey that link seems to be broken

  • zshahan3

    @joebertino @ecomobilitytv hmm, it worked for me. maybe their site was temporarily down.

  • ecomobilitytv

    @joebertino Sorry if it didn’t work for you, maybe the site was down as Zachary said. I checked and it works, you can probably try again when you get a chance.

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    You are definitely a bicycle lover! I enjoy watching your videos and it truly entertains me and I love it! Thanks!