The Bike Store Guys (& Gals)

bike shop guys

Who doesn’t love small, independent bike shops (other than big, corporate bike shop chains, that is…)? But for those of us who travel or move around a lot (and I think that’s most people these days), it can be hard to find such bike shops in new cities (ok, not that hard, but not always that easy either). Additionally, in some places, there’s no independent, local bike shop at all. The Bike Store Guys is a website that links up many of these shops, though, and helps create a broader community of such bike shop owners and lovers, for people across the U.S. Here’s more from their website:

“The Bike Store Guys and Gals are a network of passionate, smart, independent bike stores spread out across the U.S. We all share a common goal – to make your cycling experience extraordinary!…

When you make a purchase through you get the convenience of internet direct buying, while your dollars go back to participating local independent bike stores”

The site offers over 1,400 bikes & over 1,400 parts and accessories.

The site/organization offers a number of other purchasing benefits as well. Check it out and consider making your next bicycle purchase on there (if you don’t have your own local bike store to support).

Thanks to a great Facebook friend for showing me this site. Anyone else know of similar or related resources or websites worth a share?

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Image: screenshot of The Bike Store Guys