Spirulina: How to Eat It (4 Spirulina Recipes)

spirulina powder in drink

Spirulina was a staple food for me growing up. My mom gave it to me for an energy boost before soccer games, especially. So, it’s sort of a normal condiment for me. But, for most, it is still a rather foreign and mysterious food. This hit me recently when a friend mentioned it and was having trouble figuring out how to eat it. So, I thought I’d write up a quick post on ways I like to eat it. I think, in order of preference, these are my favorite options:

  1. Spirulina in rice: I love to mix it into some rice with olive oil and maybe salt or liquid aminos and tofu chunks added. Also fine with vegetables or beans, but for some reason, I don’t like that as much. Quite simple, but my favorite option.
  2. Spirulina on rice cakes (or toast): Just a little olive oil and spirulina sprinkled onto a rice cake is delicious, in my opinion. Also good on toast, but I prefer it on rice cakes.
  3. Spirulina & tofu: Like the rice dish above, I like to sprinkle some on tofu, adding olive or flax or wheat germ oil as well. We actually used to feed our cat this, instead of cat food, and while some say cats have to eat meat, our cat lived to an extremely old age and was quite healthy the whole time. (Adding some chopped, fresh vegetables into this dish is quite nice as well.)
  4.  Spirulina green smoothie: Make your favorite smoothie (see how to make smoothies for help) and add some spirulina powder. This seems to be a very common way to consume it. I like it.. well, can’t really taste it using this option.. but like the dishes above even more. (You can also add some spirulina powder to a juice.)
  5. There are more and more prepackaged juices and smoothies with spirulina in them these days as well. I like those from time to time, but I think it’s better (for your health and the environment) to eat and drink more homemade, fresh foods and drinks.

You have more ideas for how to eat spirulina?

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