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Towerless Buoyant Air Turbine May Expand Wind Energy’s Reach

We cover wind turbine news here on a regular basis, but now this excellent renewable technology, currently second only to solar, may be capable of going towerless. Altaeros Energies has developed a promising buoyant air turbine to harness high-altitude winds and deploy low-cost power from them. A group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) [&hellip

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100% Local, Clean, Cheap Power is Possible Using Renewable Energy

I’ve written in the past about the fact that 100% of the world could be powered from clean, renewable energy. But to get to that 100% target, you need a lot of small 100% targets (i.e. 100% renewable energy for Scotland, for Tokelau, etc.). A report just out yesterday from the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research finds that Minnesota could easily go 100% renewable. Not only that, though — it could use 100% local clean power from solar and wind energy. That’s exciting.