Romania Home to Large, New Wind Energy Hub

Wind turbines on hill in Romania.

Vestas is the world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines. There are 41,000 Vestas wind turbines in 65 countries around the world, creating approximately 20,000 jobs. Together, they cut CO2 emissions by about 40 million tons every year. Vestas knows wind energy. It recently decided that it would locate its Eastern European wind energy hub in Romania. That means two things: 1) Romania is ripe for some serious wind energy growth, and 2) the country will be sure to get the most out of its potential with Vestas around.

Vestas had installed 22 wind turbines in Romania as of last June, a total capacity of about 43.66 MW. Vestas is planning to have 450 MW more installed in Romania by the end of 2011. The country is currently expected to get about 24% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and its renewable-energy-friendly policies are part of what has attracted Vestas.

“Vestas is the world leader in wind energy, and so we feel we have a responsibility to share our 30 years of experience and knowledge with customers, government, communities and others – as they work to fulfil Romania’s commitment to a clean energy future,” Hans Jörn Rieks, President of Vestas Central Europe said. “As a wind energy solutions provider, we want to bring the best turbines and the best business case to our customers here, but we also want to build strong and constructive partnerships to shape a sustainable wind industry.”

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Photo Credit: Raoul Pop