Denmark & Germany Next to Announce Big Renewable Energy Targets & Possibilities

wind turbines Germany

Yes, more European countries are showing that they are very serious about addressing climate change, while the U.S. does,.. well,.. not much. It was just the other I wrote about Northern Ireland and Scotland‘s big renewable energy targets. I’ve got more good news out of Europe.

Germany’s 2050 Renewable Energy Target — 60%

Germany, has set a goal of getting 60% of energy from renewable resources by 2050. While a study from the Federal Environment Agency a few months ago found that Germany could get 100% of its energy from renewable resources by 2050 (becoming the first major economy to cut fossil fuels out of its energy diet), this is still a big target and will continue to keep Germany as a clean energy leader.

Denmark’s 2050 Renewable Energy Prospects — 100%

Meanwhile, up in Denmark yesterday, a report by the Danish climate commission found that due to falling renewable energy costs and rising oil and gas costs, Denmark could create an energy network completely free of fossil fuels by 2050. Wind and biomass could provide the country with most of its energy needs.

This made Danish wind energy giant Vestas happy.

“The report will also send a very clear and important signal to other countries that wind is a sustainable source of energy for future development,” said Vestas chief executive Ditlev Engel. “This is a great opportunity to solidify Denmark’s reputation as a laboratory for green, CO2-free power technology solutions that are globally required.”

A key recommendation in the report is that Denmark start setting aside 0.5% of its annual GDP for renewable energy investment.

Looks like some good movement forward from some more European leaders. Good luck to them on their achieving their renewable energy targets and possibilities.

Photo Credit: Wind turbines in Germany, by flickr user Jonathan Ablitt