Fruit Season — What are the 10 Best Fruits?


What’s the best fruit in the world, in your opinion?

It is summertime in Poland and that means a ton of delicious fresh fruit,.. for a short time. I am so excited about fruit lately that I thought it would be interesting to find out from our readers (and authors) what you all think are the best fruits. So, I came up with a little idea.

We have this cool comment system — Intense Debate — that lets you vote comments up or down. My idea is: you put in your favorite fruit in a comment box (only one, sorry.. have to choose in order to make this work) and you also vote up other people’s favorites that you love. One week after publishing this post, I will check the comments and votes and we will see how you all ranked the fruits of the world.

A little geeky? Ok, yes. But I’m very excited to see what people like. So, hope you all participate.

As a little primer, I’ll run down the list of my top 10 fruits. Here we go (and yes, the order would probably change if I did it again tomorrow).

My top 10 fruits:

  1. (Good) Papaya
  2. Pineapple
  3. Blueberries
  4. Cherries
  5. Watermelon
  6. Nectarines
  7. Kiwis
  8. (Good) Pluots
  9. Apples
  10. Bananas

(Note: I left foods like tomatoes and avocados out of the list, since most people don’t consider them “fruits” in a practical sense of the word. Also, I wrote “good” because it can be hard to find good papayas and pluots sometimes and there is a big difference between the good and the bad ones, in my opinion.)

So, what’s you favorite fruit?!

Photo Credit: *Brunna Peretti Loureiro* via flickr

  • Rachel

    Honeydew Melon!

    • Zach

      haha :) almost put that one on my list

      • Rachel

        love love love it. kiwi is a close second.

        • Zach

          kiwis were my favorite fruit for a long time. they've dropped off for me a bit in the past couple years. maybe due to the Polish climate? who knows?

    • JollyGreenGirl

      Ah yes, I would crave all types of melons when I was pregnant with my first one.. and wouldn't you know it.. she absolutely loves melons.

  • Zach

    btw, in case it's not clear, you can use fruits from my list.

  • rhondawinter

    What, no mango? Are you mad? Mangoes totally rock.

    • eatdrinkbetter

      I have to second mangoes. They rock!

    • Zach

      i heard they are the most popular fruit in the world. figured they'd get on here πŸ˜€ but they're actually not one of my favorites πŸ˜€

  • MadeInBed

    Watermelon 4ever!

  • Kelly Gnerre Taylor


    • emka

      i love strawberries! just wish they were in season longer. you got my vote.

  • davidryal

    When a strawberry is good, it's *really* good. Just sayin'.

    • Zach

      i agree πŸ˜€

  • HeatherCarrEDB


    Yeah, I know few people have heard of them. They're like blackberries, except they grow wild and I have never seen them with a disease or being overrun with insects. Delicious!

  • @tebriel

    (good) DragonFruit! It's so tasty and pretty!

  • Cynthia Shahan

    How come you get to choose 10 and we just get to choose 1?

    • Zach

      hmm… ok, throw 9 more in here πŸ˜€

  • shannondiana

    Hmmm this is very tough because 'fruit' as a whole is definitely my favorite food :-) I guess I would say watermelon, because it is SO good and I will never tire of it. I also love blueberries and fuji apples. Pluots are indeed amazing as well. There, I couldn't choose just one!

    • Zach

      looks like your choice is watermelons πŸ˜€

  • Raquel

    The better way to go about this would be, "Can You Name 10 Bad Fruits". I absolutely love them all and cannot think of a single one I do not like.

  • rachelshulman

    My favorite is Sapote, especially Black Sapote aka the Chocolate Pudding Fruit.

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  • ines

    Watermelon! It is very good, especially when is too hot outside! :)

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  • writinginoxford

    Blueberries are definitely the best! Portable, delicious, hardy, non-messy.

  • Cari


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  • http://Web AMITABH NAIK

    its a pity that India is not prromoting the greatest fruit of them all ‘MANGO’. Being an Indian I call it ‘AAM’.
    The mango is availaable from March to Sepiemver in India, and has over 800 recoglised varieties. Sise also plays a role as well as the metog of eating. then there is a matter of taste and fragrance, or Aroma. No other fruit can cater to so many ddifferent tastes. it males a great juice, itt goes great with Banilla ice cream, As a cut fruit it adds great colour to thee fruit bowm. when kept cut and mixed with other fruits it does not interfere as it nit, ‘Squishy’. there are barieties from extreme sweet to tangy, the list is endless. Lastly as a fruit it has almost alll the nutrients.

    A Banana is a Banana, only the size and the colour off the skin is different same with pineapple, Papaya is sslightly better for the tastes do vary but only maarginally. Apples do have different textires and colours, maybe a subtlee difference in taste, but all apples smell the same. I am aamazed that Kiwi takes precedence ober Oranges,and cherries over grapes!