One More News Wrap-Up

I’m thinking of doing something different on here, since writing summaries of all the articles I write every week is too difficult for me to keep up with, and, really, if you are interested in the the articles I write, you are probably more into 1 or 2 of the topics I write on and not all of them (i.e. food and the environment, but not clean tech,.. or clean tech and city planning, but not food) and you can easily check out my posts on sites dedicated to just those issues.

So, I’m thinking that I will start popping in here to write quick posts on a few stories or things on my mind now (maybe once a week, maybe more often, maybe less… not sure yet).

But, for anyone who was waiting on another update of my most recent articles on here, here are the articles I’ve written since the last summary (divided up by the main topics I write on).

Clean Tech

  1. Flexible Solar Panels Get First Ever UL Certification
  2. GE Ecomagination Challenge Got 2,400 Entries in 9 Weeks, 2 Weeks Left
  3. Philadelphia Trains to Use Energy Created from Braking & Help Power the Electric Grid (I also wrote about this on Ecolocalizer and
  4. World Bank Appoints Clean Tech Czar
  5. Polar Bear Commercial [VIDEO]
  6. World Bank Finds Biofuel Targets are Fueling “Land Grabs”
  7. Peak Oil This Year, Leaked German Military Report Says
  8. New Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Unveiled
  9. iPhone Wind Energy App from Vestas
  10. Renewable Energy Standard Alive & Kicking in Congress
  11. Solar Antennas from MIT (I first wrote about this on, as my first article for that wonderful site — edited/changed a little bit by’s editor)
  12. Free Solar for Affordable Homes — MASH (I first wrote about this on — edited/changed a little bit by’s editor)
  13. Paris Subway Riders to Heat Apartment Building (I also wrote about this on Ecolocalizer and since it was such a cool project)

You can keep up with my clean tech writing on my author page or on my author page if you are into this kind of thing.

City Planning & Sustainable Transportation

  1. 5 Cities Chosen for Greening America’s Capitals Program
  2. Megacity Series on GlobalPost
  3. New York City Bus and Train Thief is Addicted to Stealing NYC Transit
  4. Send Big Oil a Message — Join World Carfree Day
  5. America’s 20 Strongest Cities: 5 Key Factors They Have in Common

If you are into the local city or city planning stories, keep an eye on my Ecolocalizer author page.

For green living and activism news, you can keep an eye on my author pages on, Planetsave and The Fun Times Guide to Green Living.

Of course, for food stories, check out my author page on Eat.Drink.Better.

For green travel stories, keep your eye on my Ecolocalizer author page.

Government Policies & Politics

  1. Plastic Bag Tax in D.C. Stimulating Big Change

For more on politics, keep an eye on my ecopolitology author page and Planetsave (& also, sometimes, Ecolocalizer).

For more on Green Business, read my Earth & Industry articles.

And, lastly, for environmental & global warming news, Planetsave is the place to be.

I hope this works for those of you interested in following my writing.